A few months back,
I went to my fathers concert…

For those of you that don’t know who my
father is.. he is a successful entertainer from
the 60?s who is still performing all over the world.

More on that later..

Anyway, if you don’t know that, it’s impossible
to know his personality off stage. He likes to be
antagonistic in a way that provokes thought.

Sometimes he does it for effect and sometimes
he does it to get my attention (and on my nerves).
This time, I couldn’t tell why he asked me this ridiculous
question. Well, at the time the question seemed ridiculous.

Here it is…

We are back stage before one of his shows and he says to me..
” You’ve been working on the Internet for over 10 years,

I was taken back for a moment but I really wanted to answer.

I tried to answer the question just to stuff a sock in it but…
the answer wasn’t coming out as clear and concise as I
really wanted it to. But I tried.

Needless to say, I couldn’t find a sock.

What I did do was I thought about it. Now there is a concept
I knew I could get my mind around. I’m a good thinker!

So the whole ride home, I thought about the question.
Why didn’t you invent Facebook?

Then it clicked for me and I hope it clicks for you
if you are struggling with your career or level of

Here is a hint.. You couldn’t have written this blog post and
you couldn’t have invented Facebook either. Why Gene?

It’s about your life experiences.

Inventions are usually created to solve a problem in someones life.
The problem shapes the solution. (You can write that down)

Mark Z of Facebook needed to solved the college campus problem
of sharing pictures and the relationship status of those students
among many other things. His solution is now worth billions!

Unless you were a college student faced with that specific problem…
and you had the technical expertise… plus you met someone who gave you a loan and
the world needed it… blah blah blah.. on and on and on…

Forget it! Keep it moving.

It wasn’t meant for you to invent. Let it go!

So thanks dad! I know you didn’t mean it to set me FREE..
but it was very freeing and hopefully
freeing for other people who will read my blog post.

I came to this conclusion because in the back of my mind,
I was thinking…”Dad.. why didn’t you write THIS hit song
or THAT hit song or… better yet, why didn’t you create Motown.

Why didn’t you discover this person or that person.. that was your era.
After all, you’ve been in this business over 45 years.

That’s when it hit me… his own life experiences lead him to write
one of the most recognizable songs in the world.


He couldn’t have created Motown.. he was from Chicago and not Detroit.

Get in your lane, recognize your strengths and look around you for what
you can invent. There is something screaming for you to develop it
and make it your own.

Forget about the ones that got away. Go and “Do You”… because Facebook and The Duke Of Earl have already been created.

Gene Culver

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