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Frequently Asked Questions -From Clients-

Where Is Your Phone Number?

My phone number is only available to clients that I can actually help. I don’t just consult, I multiple your income and increase your customer base. I’m all about results. Complete the form on this page accurately for the best consultation.

Do you charge for the initial consultation?

Yes. The first hour we spend together is getting to know your business, strategizing and solving problems and providing solutions that you can implement. Your consultation Q&A is recorded and provided to you for your records in a streaming MP3 Format.

What subjects do you cover?

I’m a marketing guy. I cover the following with my clients plus…

  • Revenue models
  • Customer acquisition
  • Creating recurring business
  • Building Your Brand
  • Web design (Ecommerce and CMS)
  • List Building
  • Business Development
  • How to launch a business
  • Business vetting and customer validation
  • Developing promotional videos
  • Writing your first book
  • Launching an affiliate network
  • Product distribution

Do we get to work directly with you?

Yes, all my clients work directly with me one on one. Additionally, many of my training’s are available on video and audio through our membership sites. Ask about those training’s when we connect.

Are you available by phone or Skype

Both Skype and Video: My clients have access to me and my team. I’m available by Skype and Phone. My team is able to answer questions quickly via email, live chat and supply training videos.

Are you available to work with a group?

Yes, many of my consultations are done in a group setting. Each member needs an online ticket to the training and we will register them and supply the conference bridge. These sessions last anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours of training.

Do you travel for training?

Yes, on a case by case basis, I can travel to your office and spend the day working with you and or your team on your web design, marketing plans, strategic planning sessions as well as implementation of all strategies.